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About Me

I am a genealogist and historian who decided to share his passion and convert an amateur interest into a professional service. 

I hail from Worcester but have lived in London over 20 years. 

I was educated at London School of Economics and Political Science and have a degree in International History.  I have worked in government both local and national in a capacity that has fine turned my archivist, research and record keeping skills.

My research interests includes 18th and 19th century history, social history, workhouses, rural history, the Poor Law and rural riots, the English Civil War, military history in general, the Royal Navy, the history of London, religious history, Caribbean slavery records and history of science and astronomy.  Underpinning all this is a love of genealogy and discovering the power of small family details that shed light on a long gone age.
I will carry out your family research or project with the same passion and professionalism.  Please get in touch to learn more about Poole's Family Research.