Poole's Research Services
a friendly and dedicated research and genealogy service

Do you want to discover your roots?   Wish to find out who your ancestors were?
Find your link with the past?     Do you need help and advice in a particular area?


Require a professional research service or copies of records or digitisation?


Then you are in the right place....your quest has just begun !

Welcome to Poole's Research Services and Poole's Family Research. 

We are a professional, friendly and dedicated research company specialising in family tree packages and genealogy, as well as all forms of archival and historical research.

We also provide general research and look up services in any London, South East of England and some other UK Archives.

We can provide a full all inclusive service, assist with a particular area of research or provide a
visit on your behalf.  In addition to this we also provide a research service at the National Archives and other local archives.

You may be interested in your ancestors or want to discover your roots or indeed begun such a journey and reached an impasse. 


Our prices are competitive and flexible to fit your pocket and our service will suit your needs. 


Please take a look around the site or contact me for further information.